Chorlton Scout Group

Meeting times

Club Day Time
Nelson Squirrels Mondays 5:00pm – 5:55pm
Drake Squirrels Tuesdays 5:00pm – 5:55pm
Socrates Squirrels Wednesdays 5:00pm – 5:55pm
Atlantis Beavers Monday 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Albion Beavers Thursday 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Neptune Beavers Tuesday 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Calypso Beavers Friday 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Poseidon Cubs Monday 7:15pm – 8:30pm
Triton Cubs Friday 7:15pm – 8:30pm
Victory Sea Scouts Tuesday 7:15pm – 8:45pm (times vary during water season)
Endevour Sea Scouts Wednesday (Tuesday during water season) 7:15pm – 8:45pm (times vary during water season)

About us

Chorlton Scouts was formed in 2018 when 123rd Manchester (Whalley Range) and 392nd Manchester (Chorlton) Merged. Chorlton was one of the the UK groups that piloted scouting for early years (Squirrels) and admits members form 4 years old.

Chorlton Group is the largest in the District with a Squirrel Drays, four Beaver Colonies, two Cub Packs and is home to Manchester South’s only Sea Scout Troop.

You can add your child to the waiting list for Chorlton here.

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Where we meet:

Peppercorn Lodge
29 Buckingham Road
M21 0SB

Chorlton Scouts on Youtube

Our Neckerchief colour

Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls